Bitch Fight

Put an End to Women Bullying Women in the Workplace

Inspired by true events

A must read for every working woman in today’s society and
every leader in the competitive world of work.
Inspired by true events, Bitch Fight – Put an End to
Women Bullying Women in the Workplace
is a powerful book written to blow the lid on
a silent phenomenon that’s stopping women getting ahead at work.

With a combined 30 years of experience,
high-powered Fortune 500 Coaching Psychologists
Vanessa Vershaw and Jean-François Ducharme join forces
to guide you through how to deal with female on female bullying and
use these skills for competitive advantage.

Published by Artistic Warrior Publishing & Éditions Québec Livres

“Women will want to read this. All women need to read this”
Ms. X,
Executive Director, xxx

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About Jean-Francois

Canadian psychologist, author and coach, Dr. Jean-François Ducharme helps people improve their efficiency at work, develop their potential and better manage their careers. A passionate writer, he has interviewed dozens of leaders for his books in order to better understand how they perceive success, are driven to succeed, and manage their work environment.  A respected coach, he has guided many leaders to better position themselves and triumph

About Vanessa Vershaw

Vanessa Vershaw is an organisational psychologist, author and coach, with extensive international consulting experience. As an executive level practitioner, Vanessa is a highly regarded adviser to high level executives and Fortune 500 organisations. She has successfully managed both leadership and organisational development initiatives with executives, teams and companies around the globe.

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